"Crack Sauce" Chicken Wings - Super Bowl Recipe

"Crack Sauce" Chicken Wings - Super Bowl Recipe

"Crack Sauce" Grilled Wings

Time: 1 hr.


* Chicken wings. You can either get drums, flats or whole wings and butcher them yourself.

* Sweet baby rays BBQ sauce

* Franks buffalo sauce

* JT's BBQ Rub

Instructions: Coat chicken wings generously with JT's BBQ Rub and let the seasoning adhere for 5 minutes. Light your charcoal grill and wait for your charcoal to ash over and it should be glowing red. You want to aim for a temperature in the grill of 425-450 degrees. Cook wings using indirect heat until they hit an internal temperature of 185 degrees. Place directly over coals or using a roof torch sear the wings to achieve your desired crispiness. Immediately place wings into a bowl and coat them with equal parts Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce and Franks Buffalo Sauce to create the "crack sauce." Toss wings to mix sauce and coat wings evenly, plate them up and enjoy while they are fresh!

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