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The Big Da-Doo(one of everything)

The Big Da-Doo(one of everything)

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Mix 1 cup Bird Bath per 1 gallon of water and stir until dissolved. Place turkey/chicken in container and cover with brine liquid. Refrigerate for 1 hour per lb of meat. Remove from brine, pat dry and rub with seasoning of your choice.

Did you know the jalapeño is the state pepper of Texas?  Our Tex-A-Peño Rub is spicy and savory with a touch of sweet. Grab a bottle today & we know you'll love it. This is the taste of Texas in a bottle. Period.

Our TX Brisket Rub is Pepper heavy and full of flavor for that true Texas Experience. This rub will turn any large piece of meat into something truly amazing! When you're wanting that classic TX taste Reach for TX Brisket Rub!


Yes you read that right, GARLIC, SALT & PEPPER! Our TX G.S.P. Rub is super savory with a hint of sweet. When you're looking for the classic flavor we all know & love reach for a bottle of TX G.S.P. Rub!


Our TX B.B.Q. Rub is sweet, savory & smoky all at the same time! The deep mahogany color you'll have when using this rub will have everyone thinking you're a certified pit master! When you're looking for the best all in one rub reach for TX B.B.Q. Rub!


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